She was his best friend, he was her little brother. Look at them now.

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"Posso non essere la ragazza che tutti vorrebbero ma almeno non sarò mai quella che tutti hanno avuto."

—Virginia della Torre (via piccolaesploratrice)

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Every Justin Bieber music video from Nov 2009 - Jan 2014

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There are two kinds of people

Lady Gaga


Taylor Swift


I’m like Taylor but God, I’d kill to become like Lady Gaga!

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This is James Dean inspired. Don’t ask me if I smoke ciggys cuz I don’t ♛”

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@huxch: Allow her to reintroduce herself

She looks so stunning standing there, in the american dress she wears ;)

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Songs that should have been singles / Justin Bieber

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I’m so down today…. I’m just tired and sick.

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Tattoos - Believe Movie (Deleted Scene)

This video opened my eyes, I mean I don’t like his tattoos because he has too many to me and I agree with Scooter, but now I know why he wants them and this pulls me just a little bit closer to him. Love you JB

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I’d like him to be a unicorn!

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